Our Technologies

Energy Storage Technologies

that address the problems for renewable energy of integrating
intermittent renewable energy into supply systems and
satisfying the magnitude of the supply task.

Energy Storage

Clean Coal Technologies

that upgrade brown coal (lignite) for clean and more efficient use
with current methods of commercial power production.

Clean Coal

Clean Water Disinfection Technologies

that are effective against resistant pathogens, turbidity and suspended
solids tolerant, and do not require chlorine handling making them
suitable for widespread and diverse commercial application.

Clean Water Disinfection

Vortex Drying and Grinding Technology

with low capital cost, suitable for grinding hard crystalline materials
at substantially reduced levels of power and steel consumption.

Vortex Drying and Grinding

High Efficiency Extraction of Light Sweet Crude Oil

from Tar Sands and Heavy Sour Crude Oil that produces higher quality product, recovers
metals such as vanadium, iron and nickel and significantly reduces environmental waste.

Extraction of Light Sweet Crude Oil

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